Introducing Market Place for more customer leads automatically in your Inbox?

Say Goodbye to Home Advisor, Craigslists…

Except in markets where we have licensees.

Who is PNAPNA?

We create digital tools for businesses for the management of products, sales, customers, work flow and human resources..

We are a software development company that constantly undertakes market research for the needs of the businesses we serve and how best we can address it, in the most effective manner.

Why Us?

We believe in rapid and agile processes and can customize as per your needs or processes and have delivered it.

What is PANPNA?

It is a business software with databases to churn and filter it for delivering desired queries rapidly.

How do we do it?

We deliver the software as a service (SAAS) to our clients by free and paid subscriptions.

We have integrated different processes, so you do not need many subscriptions?

We deliver the software as a service (SAAS) to our client, by free and paid subscriptions. We deliver the software as a service (SAAS) to our client, by free and paid subscriptions.

Using different software does not mean just more money but also more databases. By us compiling these in one data base, no carrying over data manually from one to the other.

Our value proposition is to provide e-tools that provide top notch user experience?

Unlike Gmail and Skype our communication group has digital tools like email, messaging, voice over internet protocol, and white board etc that are stored in your drive without snooping by anyone.

Leads are brought in automatically from your websites, emails, chat, scheduling calendar etc into the system so you can convert them into customers and fulfil their orders. Employees time servicing these functions are also recorded for in the system.

To Dos, Notes, calendars, Tasks, projects are seen in list or Kanban style with Gantt Charts in every subscription.

Companies Using CRM


Companies of all types and trades are using PNAPNA type of Business management and CRM type of software.