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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, The leads are really free for life. No credit card is required, nor any salesperson will call you ever. However, the leads shall first go the area PNAPNA CRM Licensee. If there is no PNAPNA CRM licensee in that service area or if the licensee can not service that lead, then only the free lead will go to the non PNAPNA licensees on a first come first served basis. Our revenue comes from the premium services we provide to our subscribers and not these leads. Hence we can offer free leads for life. Leads are serviced by automation script on our cloud servers.

  • Unless you have waived your right to cancel your yearly subscription, we shall start with marketing in your area only after 60 days of the yearly subscriptions are firmly in place. All other areas may be marketed as our resources shall permit. Click here to waive your cancellation right It generally takes 45 days for the search engines to index the content after we start with marketing in your area.

  • The same way large commercial leads providers like Home Advisor, Thumbtack etc operate. They charge average $50.00 for a lead. They have been at it, for more than a decade. So it might take us some time to be ranked high, but it is very doable in time. Content is king. So we shall provide the content with the help of the subscribers. Our services are “Peer to Peer enriched”. In our blogs and articles we promote your service in your service area with a link to get your service by the user. You get full information as provided by the user I.e. name, phone number email etc and you convert the lead into a paying client.

  • Yes, We do provide custom services. Send for information

  • Very Important, because that is what provides information about your business to your users. If you do not have it, we can provide free web site to our paid annual members.

  • Although we populate content on the national level but we also supplement it on local level also. If you are a paid annual member, then we provide you with an integrated website that is integrated with PNAPNA CRM.

  • We shall be promoting it on social media, paid Ads videos, infographics and webinars etc.