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Hey ! We are PnaPna

Short Story About Our Company

We are a USA International Engineering company. We got started by creating software for ourselves. Now we use it and sell the Software as a service too.

  • We have expanded from business process management software to accounting, HR, private messaging, Communications like Encrypted tracked email, employee monitoring, etc.
  • We also provide Free leads procurement from our marketplace, a website builder with an image editor, and many other services.


Years of Experience

We Work For Your Prosperity

All our applications are geared towards normal small to medium-sized businesses seeking to improve their operations. We take away the workload of one full-time employee.

We excel in Field Business Service

We have segregated the field service business like maintenance, managing, booking online, appointment remainders, etc. Our variants are useful for businesses. Lite Biz for office business and Core for freelancers.

We Serve the Current Needs of the Users

We have created several field service applications like field service magic that allow users in the field to send and receive images before and after the projects send their Geo-location, we can create maps for optimal routing.

About Our Company

why people want to choose our PnaPna company

PnaPna stands for highly efficient and excellent quality software that produced outstanding results for its users. The success of our company is derived from our common values and the shared objectives for our shareholders, clients, and our employees.

Excellent Support

Awesome Team

Faster Performance

Our Vision

To provide superior, essential business productivity software, and services at the most competitive price point to SMEs, worldwide for optimum PnaPna.