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Terms and Conditions for all digital properties of Accutech Services LLC and PnaPna SAAS

1. Scope of Application
2. Services Provided by PnaPna
2.1 Right of use
2.2 Restrictions
2.3 Operation
2.4 Support
2.5 Changes to services
2.6 Defining, words, used herein
2.7 Involvement of Third Parties
2.8 Software or Operation Issues
3 Remuneration and Payment Terms
3.1 Fee structure
3.2 Payment, upgrading and downgrading
3.3 Net prices
3.4 Measures in the event of default by Customer
3.5 Revenue from PNP Services
4 Customer Data, Data Protection and References
4.1 Customer data (Intellectual Property Rights)
4.2 Data protection
4.3 References
5 Release, Liability, Warranties, Terms and Terminations, and Confidentiality
5.1 Liability

PNP shall not accept any liability whatsoever to the extent legally permissible, in particular for
1) Damages
a) Arising from the Customer’s violation of the contractual obligations
b) Caused by PNP ’s involved third parties or support persons
c) Due to viruses
d) As a result of malicious code;
e) After a hacker attack
f) After a Software error
g) After an error in the operating system, disruptions to operations as a result of fault remedy, maintenance, infrastructure modifications, the introduction of new technologies
h) After a faulty Service pack from another manufacturer
i) As a result of data losses.
2) Indirect or subsequent damages such as profits foregone, savings not realized, or third-party claims.

5.2 No Warranties
5.3 Term
5.4 Termination
5.5 Customer’s data after termination
5.6 Termination of Customer’s Subscription
5.7 Excessive use of bandwidth or storage size limits
5.8 Life span of the prepaid amount or deposits
5.9 Confidentiality
6 Other Provisions
6.1 Amendments to these TAC
6.2 Offsetting and assignment of claims
6.3 Place of performance, method of communications
6.4 Sever-ability clause
6.5 Date of contract conclusion
6.6 Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, Limits of liability and duration for taking action
6.7 Languages of other countries
6.8 Trademarks and IP rights of others
6.9 Return and or Refund Policy
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