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PnaPna E Monitoring is an employee monitoring
application for your employees worldwide.

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Employee Location Tracking System

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Employee Monitoring Solution

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Employee Monitoring System

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employee monitoring software

How you can use PnaPna E-Monitoring software to monitor employees

Employee Performance Monitoring System

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Monitor employee performance

Employee Tracking Software

Tracking Employee Activity

Our software effectively tracks and measures user activity by monitoring mouse movements and activity levels. This information provides valuable insights into employee productivity and engagement levels using employee tracking software.

Emphasize Transparency Over Micromanagement

The aim of utilizing employee monitoring technology is to promote transparent communication and foster trust. For this reason, PnaPna's monitoring features are designed to be active only during employees' working hours, ensuring that their privacy is respected.

Other features you will enjoy in our CRM

Lead Generation

Project Manager

Task Manager

White Board

Encrypted track email

Cloud folder storage

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How software of PnaPna Employee Monitoring keeps your data safe

Storing screenshots

The screenshots captured by our software are securely stored using SSL over HTTPS and never pass through our server. Users have convenient access to all their tracked data whenever needed.

Ensure legal compliance with our complete employee monitoring solution

PnaPna Employee Monitoring is a legitimate software solution designed for employee monitoring purposes. It accurately records time, activity, and relevant data during work hours, without capturing any information when the timer is not active. Unlike certain other monitoring applications, PnaPna Employee Monitoring prioritizes privacy and only collects data during authorized work sessions.

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