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Best time tracking software for your business

Time-tracking software with additional management features that will help you develop a high-productivity team that will get you closer to your goals.

100% Free Employee Monitoring Software

Increase your team's productivity by 2x with employee monitoring software.

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Monitor which apps your team is using at the time

Real-time monitoring can give you information about which apps and websites people are working on their computers.


Get payroll by actual working hours

Monitoring software helps companies calculate wages to pay employees faster and more accurately


Take screenshots every minute

Everyone is looking for ways to increase their productivity. One such way is to monitor their work by taking screenshots every minute.


Check employee productivity on a daily basis

Each employee's daily activities are divided into idle time and break time, productive time.


Evaluate your team members using work analytics

This a great way to evaluate your team members, as well as the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your team.

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