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Free Widgets

Powerful Widgets To Embed For Websites.

Scores of widgets can be embedded,easily in any website,such as order forms, calendar, route planning, Geo Location and payment gateways etc.

You can monitor your site's performance, optimize for search engines, without the hassles of expensive programmers.


Choose From Scores Of

Custom Widgets

With so many widgets available for different needs,you can build anything you can imagine, and customize it to meet your specific needs.

Widgets can be installed easily. In any type of website, WORDPRESS or HTML, BOOTSTRAP etc

Bring the power of jetpack to your favorite host

The Performance monitoring, social sharing, SEO, and other features that come baked into are available to everyone. If you're using WordPress with another can get these same features simply by installing jetpack.

Jetpack is your all-in-oneWordPress toolkit for hassle-free design. marketing and security,Whether you're building your site with or creating it on your own server, Jetpack gives you the tools you need to succeed-all in one place.