Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring is About Monitoring Workstation of your Employees

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Employee monitoring is a multi-purpose employee monitoring software to track your employee’s productivity and working efficiency. It is not possible to watch your employees working activities every minute of the day, but our employee monitoring software can do it for you when they are working remotely or in-house.
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Providing cloud-based employee monitoring software. Track your employee time. We are making this process easier for you with our employee monitoring software, so you can focus on what’s important

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Remote Monitoring

Employee monitoring software solution provides the data you need to ensure that the devices connected to your networks are used properly and safely.Monitor employees’ productivity from anywhere with our employee monitoring software.

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PnaPna is an amazing employee monitoring software. It was easy to set up and it covers all the basics of what you need in order to keep a close eye on employees.
Janie Shawl
PnaPna is the most advanced employee monitoring software I have used regularly. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive with options like time tracking and shift scheduling.
Daniel Jane
PnaPna Employee Monitoring Software helped me keep my employees accountable for their time and it's saved me a ton of money in the process. I would recommend it to anyone with business needs.
James Walker


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Track Employee Activities

Tracking employee activities is important for organizations because it helps them improve their productivity. If employees are aware of how they spend their time, they can make better decisions.

Monitor Real-time Usage

Monitoring real-time usage is a way to make sure that employees are doing the tasks they were assigned. It helps the company to see the necessary improvements that need to be made and take actions accordingly.

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